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Spiritual emergence is a natural opening and awakening often experienced when one surrenders to life’s inherent hardships and challenges through an established faith tradition or through systematic spiritual practices. This process of spiritual awakening allows one to embrace and strengthen their natural connection to the transcendent world, thereby changing their limiting self-concepts and moving them into a more integrated and awakened self.


When the process of spiritual emergence is rapid or dramatic, it can give way to what is often called a spiritual emergency, which can be defined as, “critical and experientially difficult stages of profound psychological transformation that involves one’s entire being.”  Such a process can include powerful feelings, perceptions, inner experiences and physical sensations that can be overwhelming and challenge your ability to function in your day to day life. However, when properly supported, spiritual emergency can lead to an enlightened expansion of self and deeper feelings of wholeness and connection with Consciousness.


Often times, the profound hardships and internal struggle that prompts one to seek therapeutic help can be an expression of spiritual emergence as both psychological and emotional pain are key aspects of this phenomenon. Trained as a Spiritual Emergence coach, I assist those amid psycho-spiritual emergence to move through their transformation and help them develop practices to facilitate their continued expansion and growth.


Often, my training as a spiritual emergence coach is combined with my work as an integration therapist. As an integration therapist, I assist those who are currently working with sacred plant medicines or those who are contemplating this particular path. It is common for those who engage sacred medicine ceremony to have life-changing spiritual experiences. When this happens, they need informed and compassionate support to understand and integrate these experiences into their evolving consciousness.

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- Michele
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