I am the author of Mindful Somatic Awareness: A Body-Based Approach to Moving Beyond Fear and Worry. My book provides gentle guidance for those looking to transcend their anxiety and awaken to their true nature through mind-body discipline. The pages of my book will give you a basic, yet detailed understanding of the extraordinary relationship between the mind and body and highlight how deep emotional wounds imbedded in the interior landscape of your mind-body consciousness point to the origins of your chronic fear and worry.


I am a licensed clinical psychologist, Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, and certified Reiki practitioner. Additionally, I am trained in eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) therapy. In my practice, I work with those who bear the burden of early childhood trauma and it’s impact on their ability to form healthy, meaningful attachments and to experience safety in closeness and intimacy. My work also includes helping those with persistent anxiety and depression, those suffering from the emotional pain of loss and grief, and those fighting a battle with addiction and disordered eating behavior. 


Along with my private practice, I also offer integration services in person and online for those who are currently working with empathogens and sacred plant medicines or for those who are contemplating this particular path. As part of these services we will explore preparation for ceremony including intention setting, educational resources, supportive practices for pre and post ceremony, assistance in integrating insights and awarenesses, and developing practices to continue one’s expansion, growth, and healing path beyond ceremony.


Spiritual emergence can be understood as an expansion of consciousness and an increased awareness of the spiritual dimension of one’s life. This phenomenon has the ability to enhance emotional and psychological health and well-being. It can also increase a sense of freedom in personal choices as well as deepen the experience of connection with others, with nature, and with the Universe. Though this developmental process can bring about positive changes in one’s life and living, it is often accompanied by very difficult stages of profound psychological transformation. Trained as a Spiritual Emergence coach, I assist those amid psycho-spiritual emergence to move through their transformation and help them develop practices to facilitate their continued expansion and growth.