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Individual Adults


Integration Therapist


* Currently, I only have Zoom sessions available. 


Individual psychotherapy can be a challenging process, but it can also be profoundly rewarding. Therapy has the potential to foster a deeper awareness of the emotional and psychological issues that inhibit your ability to live freely, authentically, and with an open heart. It provides the opportunity to work through and heal emotional wounds that keep you feeling anxious, depressed, or generally discontented with your life. Further, introspective therapeutic work helps you identify problematic thought patterns, core beliefs, and corresponding behavior responses that keep you stuck in a pattern of living that inhibits movement toward self-actualization.

In our individual work together, we will use traditional talk therapy with a focus on early attachment experiences combined with mind-body techniques to identify your emotional defenses and response patterns to internal and external triggers. We will also use the therapeutic relationship to identify relationship patterns that emerge in the transference and reveal how past hurts show up in your present relational experiences and influence how you relate to others as well as how you allow yourself to be seen, known, and loved by others. The overarching goal of therapy is to gain greater self-awareness and insight into your inner workings, and to heal emotional wounds that keep you mired in fear and entrenched in dysfunctional patterns. My hope is that we can build your capacity to live open-heartedly, to embrace spontaneity, and to cultivate self- love and acceptance so that you can live authentically, and with peace and purpose.


Love can be a transformative experience. Intimate relationships offer the greatest opportunity to heal our deepest wounds and awaken to our true self. They can serve as a catalyst for personal transformation. Through closeness, vulnerability, and mutual recognition, relationships allow us to know the deepest parts of ourselves through knowing and connecting with the deepest parts of our partner.

However, often our core wounds can affect our capacity to love and be loved; to feel worthy of receiving what our partner has and wants to give us. Ruptures in our early relationship experiences can give rise to fears of vulnerability, intimacy, and emotional abandonment. They can impact our ability to communicate effectively and resolve conflict. In short, they can inhibit deeper connection and create a sense of loneliness and discontent in our relationships.

In couples therapy, we will explore the role of unresolved emotional wounds that may be contributing to the lack of closeness and intimacy in your relationship. We will examine how old relationship patterns impact your ability to communicate and resolve conflict effectively. We will also focus on how past hurts are showing up in present-day issues, allowing us to work not only on deep emotional wounds, but also to focus on resolving everyday problems. The goals of couples therapy are both practical (i.e. improved communication skills, conflict resolution, and problem solving) and emotional (i.e. enhanced emotional connection, mutual understanding, and bonding) so that the changes you make are sustainable and lasting. 

I'd love to hear from you. Please contact me for a consultation.
- Michele
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