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The Healing Journey

“The decision to work through old unresolved fears to relieve your anxiety is really a decision to evolve and transform. It is a decision to turn inward to examine your inner life and heal the deep emotional wounds that hinder the organic unfolding of your authentic self. From this place of honest reflection and vulnerability, emerges insight and understanding that releases you from fear and guides you in the direction of your highest, truest self. The mindset needed to facilitate your evolution of Self is one that embraces what I believe is a dynamic paradox at the core of the healing journey, that is: Healing enables the organic unfolding of your authentic self and, at the very same time, it is the organic unfolding of your authentic self. Healing is the co-arising of what is (you as you are) and what can be (the you you can become). Just like the oak tree contained within the acorn, your highest self is contained within you. The decision to heal sets the intention to become your greatest self and releases the energetic potential to facilitate that becoming. And, at the very same time you are becoming your potential, in each and every moment you are perfect and exactly where you need to be. To know and accept this paradox, that you are both perfect and perfection becoming, creates a mindset that infuses the healing journey with a sense of hope and trust that all is well and as it should be, a reassurance that is sorely needed during what can often feel like a forbidding and uncertain process. Embracing the dynamic paradox at the heart of the healing journey helps facilitate a rich transformative process and keeps you afloat when the weight of the inner work feels too heavy to keep going.”


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